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During this current situation with Covid-19 all Halton Libraries are currently closed.  We hope this FAQs post will answer any questions you may have about the library service during this time.

Q.  How do I return my library books?
A. We are opening Book Drop Stations from 1st June.  Book Drop stations will be at the entrance of the library. No need to interact with anybody or enter the building

Every Tuesday and Thursday 11-1pm at Runcorn Library, Granville Street, Runcorn
Every Monday and Friday 11 – 1pm at Ditton Library, Queens Avenue, Widnes

Q.  I returned my books at the Book Drop so why are they are still showing on my library account?
A.  The books are put into quarantine for 72 hours before staff return them off your library card.

Q.  How do i renew my library books?
A.  You can renew your books by selecting this link and entering your library card number and pin

Q.  I don’t know my pin, what do I do?
A.  You can contact a member of staff via email or by private message through our Facebook and Twitter accounts @HaltonLibraries

Q.  Will I receive a fine if my books are late?
A.  No, Halton Libraries no longer charge fines for overdue items.

Q.  I want to join the library, what do I do?
A.  You can join the library online and we will email you with details of your card number and pin.

Q.  I filled in an online form to join but i have not received a reply.
A.  If you have not had a reply within 5 days please contact us via or by private message through our Facebook and Twitter accounts @HaltonLibraries to let us know.

Q.  I have a personal question about my library account, who do i contact while you are closed.
A.  Staff are available to answer questions via email or via private message through our Facebook and Twitter accounts @HaltonLibraries.

Q.  When will you reopen?
A.  We will be keeping our community updated via the Halton Library website and on Twitter and Facebook @HaltonLibraries

Q.  I want to access online magazines and ebooks but I don’t know how to do it.
A.  You will find our online resources on the Digital page of our website.  If you need help with our resources you can contact library staff who will be happy to guide you through it.

Q.  My books are delivered to me by the Home Library service. When is my next delivery due?
A .  A member of staff from the Home Library Service will contact you once we know when the service will resume.

Q.  Can I join the home library service?
A.  The Home Library Service usually operates for people who are normally housebound or find it hard to get to their nearest library for reasons such as mobility problems, illness or carer responsibilities.  We are currently taking people on a temporary basis, if they are over 70 or are shielding and can normally make it to the library, but are unable to at this time.