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Preparations are now complete ahead of the refurbishment project beginning next week. Library staff have worked their socks off to pack half of the library up into boxes. If you visit Widnes library this week, you may see many empty shelves in the children, teen and non-fiction area but each area of non-fiction and fiction are represented in the ground floor area, but on a smaller scale. We have prioritised the newest and most popular books but if you can’t find what you are looking for, please ask a member of staff and we may be able to reserve it free of charge from another library.

Empty non-fiction areas

2 containers units have arrived on the centre car park to use for storage throughout the refurbishment. We have tried to minimise the amount of space that these take up in the car park but apologies for any inconvenience caused by this.

Temporary location of junior books

Come Monday 18th September, the old café, children’s, teen and downstairs non-fiction area will be closed to the public whilst the builders start work on the first phase. The only access to the library will be through the front entrance. We are not closing at all throughout the refurb, but operating on a smaller pop-up library basis. PC access will always be available too. All of our activities will continue as usual also.’