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Halton Lea

RoomCommunity RateCouncil RateCapacity
Room 2£13.00 per hour£15.50 per hour25
Room 3£13.00 per hour£15.50 per hour25
Room 2 & 3£26.00 per hour£31.00 per hour50-60
Room 4£7.50 per hour£9.00 per hour4
Room 5 - IT Suite£14.50 per hour£15.50 per hour10
Room 7£9.00 per hour£10.00 per hour6


RoomCommunity RateCouncil RateCapacity
Meeting Room 8£10.00 per hour£13.00 per hour10
Meeting Room 9£6.50£8.004
Meeting Room 10£6.50£8.004

Projectors, laptops and catering are also available when booking a meeting room.  A separate cost applies.

To book a meeting room please email

For meeting room pricing and availability at Kingsway Learning Centre, please email